The Dynamic Duo


Hey there, savvy shoppers and curious minds! Welcome to the extraordinary world of Scott and Todd – the dynamic duo, the brainiac buddies, the two musketeers of innovation!


Meet Scott: The Marketing Maestro and Tech Developer


Scott, the man with a plan and a twinkle in his eye, has been in the game for over 3 decades. With a background in marketing and a history as a production and sales manager for a company that crafted sophisticated consumer and military electronics, he's the wizard behind the curtain. Not to mention, Scott's entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found not one, but two successful businesses – a garage remodeling venture and a floor coating company. When it comes to turning ideas into reality, Scott's the guy with the Midas touch!


Meet Todd: The Business Guru and Philanthropic Prodigy

Todd's journey has been nothing short of spectacular. He steered the ship at an electronics importing company, navigating the seas of circuits and gadgets with finesse. But that's not all – Todd's heart is as big as his knack for business. He founded the Racing 2 Cure foundation, proving that success isn't just measured in profits but in making a positive impact. If that's not impressive enough, he also manages a Homeowners Association (HOA) for a developer, because who said superheroes only exist in comic books?


The Friendship That Started it All

These two go way back – we're talking over 15 years of laughter, shared dreams, and countless adventures. It was during one of their legendary brainstorming sessions (probably fueled by copious cocktails and the occasional pizza) that the idea to join forces and create something truly unique was born. And just like that, Scott and Todd's RAD Ventures was born – a hub for all things cool and quirky.


What Sets Us Apart?


At LKN Products Inc, we pride ourselves on being more than just business partners; we're lifelong friends on a mission to shake things up!  Whether it's revolutionizing your life with innovative gadgets or giving back to the community through our philanthropic endeavors, we're here to make a difference with a dash of fun.

So buckle up, folks! Your journey into the world of Scott and Todd's Adventures is about to begin. Expect the unexpected, embrace the extraordinary, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of creativity and friendship!